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Celebrities, Locals and Tourists alike all love Hali’imaile General Store and Joe’s

What people say about Hali’imaile General Store:

“The food was fabulous! And the amount just right. Many thanks!!!”

“Every time someone we know is headed your way, we send them to your restaurant and they just rave about the food and that it’s the best they’ve ever had.”

“What an evening to remember—!!! Amazing food, company, wine and did we mention the unbelievable ribs and Pineapple Upside Down Cake!”

“What a delightful restaurant! You have it all – ambience, amazing food and picture perfect presentation. Your staff is lovely and you are so personable. Thank you for enhancing our trip to Maui.”

Celebrities that have enjoyed Hali’imaile General Store:

Bill Murray, Jim Nabors, John Denver, Sharon Stone, Harrison Ford, Willie Nelson, Bryan Adams, Wayne Gretzky, Annie Potts, Dennis Miller, Michael J. Fox/Tracy Pollan, Michael Nader, Bonnie Raitt, Kathy Crosby, Kenny Loggins, Alice Cooper, Gene Uphaur, Albert Finney, Rob Lowe, Barry Manilow, Paul Stanley, Steven Tyler, Roger Verge, Dean Flanig, Gene Simmons, Bill Dana, Randy Travis, Denise Austin, Bonnie Bell, Scott Hamilton, Natalie Cole, Helen Hunt, Kevin Spacey, Hank Lazaria, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Tom Arnold, Rhea Pearlman, Maria Shriver, Jason Alexander, Woody Harrelson, Jack Nicholson, Cheryl Tiegs, Celeste Holm, Greg Norman, Paul Azinger, Scott Simpson, Tony Dorset, Robert Shapiro, Bob Barker, Gene Siskel

Celebrities that have enjoyed Joe’s:

Clint Eastwood, Sharon Stone, Dustin Hoffman, Michael Bolten, Alice Cooper, Jason Alexander, Steven Tyler, Willie Nelson, Slash (Guns & Roses), Gene Simmons, Denise Richards, Sarah Jessica Parker, Ray Romano, Gene Siskel, Jim Bulushi, Tom Arnold, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Beau/Jeff/Lloyd Bridges, Courtney Thorne Smith, Roseanne Bar, Mark McGuire, Pierce Brosnon, David Robinson, Michael Jordon, Helen Hunt, Reba McIntyre